June 1, 2012

31 Ideas in 31 Days

Inspiration, quip, something timeless, an idea, or a bit of learning from some place, I share one each day on Twitter.

Here’s the list from May 2012

• Celebrating May Day, celebrating life
• No matter how much time, money or expertise we apply, we can't change the past
• Don't let anyone crush your ability to realize your potential
• May the fourth be with you
• Respect for the rights of others means peace. Benito Ju├írez (for Cinco de Mayo)
• Never underestimate the power of helping someone define their goals
• Share often
• Are you doing all you can do to create the success you wanted?
• If you’re not where you need to be, change your story or change your audience
• The best evidence of future behavior is past behaviour.
• Leadership is not a job title
• Kindness and success can coexist
• Thanks mom!
• Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things. Peter Drucker
• Success loves company
• Don't be the victim of busy
• Yesterday is gone
• Don't email them, pick up the phone and call them
• Without action, all the thought in the world won't get us there
• Teamwork happens when everyone on the team, works
• Speak with five new people this week
• It's not them, it's you who will realize your goals
• Never underestimate the power of your own curiosity
• Do something today that puts you at the edge of chaos
• Make the distinction between meaningful work and busy work
• Potential amounts to nothing without action
• Example is leadership
• Focus is a choice
• Good enough is never good enough
• Do you have a people strategy?
• Someday tomorrow won't be an option

May this be your best June ever!

Kneale Mann

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