March 8, 2013

The Economy of Your Culture

The industrial revolution brought progress and advancements but created the unbalance of power and wealth we have today. There is shift however that might be a bit radical and won't be endorsed by everyone right away but see what you think.

The idea is to pay people fairly and give them guidance in a co-creative atmosphere where strengths are highlighted while a collaborative culture becomes the norm. And before anyone screams socialism, this is not to suggest we don't embrace success through hard work but we can also include more of the team in the process.

Let's Flip the Model

We've tried the top down approach for a couple of centuries and it will take some time to make the shift but in parts of the world where choice is both cherished and honored, changes are coming. Great culture and strong leadership will absolutely positively improve your business performance.

An example is some of our work with supply chain organizations. Leaders are discovering they can, should, and want to create more collaborative places whether they are developing mobile apps or making plastic bottles. People want to want to come to work no matter the industry no matter the job description.

Far too many for far too long have viewed work as simply a means to an end. Let's fix that.

Kneale Mann

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