April 3, 2013

Aligning Goals with Actions

Do you keep an active to-do list handy at all times? These are items you need to do today, this week, this quarter, this fiscal, and beyond. It may feature work stuff, family items, financial objectives, longer term entries. If it’s not an actual list on your desktop, it’s somewhere even if it resides in your mind. Some say writing them down makes them real but without our action, the location is irrelevant.

This is the list of things we want, wish for, and need to accomplish but why don’t we just get to them and cross them off the list? Well, sometimes it’s time. Other times, it’s money. And often we're in our way. Guilty as charged! In order to be great leaders, we need to find people who believe in what we believe. But we need to define it first through action and determination. If we're not committed to our list, it will be tough to find others who will align with us.

Let's Get Stuff Done

So have a look at your list and I’ll do the same. Let’s pick those things we want to get accomplished and set an action plan for each. Without steps, we may as well buy more lottery tickets. Scientists say the human mind is capable of ten times more than what we know so if we are really honest with ourselves, we’ll be much more careful to put items on the list we want and will get done.

Leadership is about action and helping people grow. So if you’re not sure if your list reflects your goals, reassess. Then do the same with your team, your division, and your company. We are all guilty of far too much talk when action is required. Far too often a team or company is operating with competing priorities.

Let’s get to work!
Kneale Mann | Leadership and Culture Strategist, Writer, Speaker, Executive Coach helping leaders create dynamic culture and improved results.

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