December 26, 2015


I hope this year has brought you challenges you overcame. It's my wish that new people arrived in your life to help and love you. Thank you for taking a moment to visit. I am continually blown away by how people many visit from all over the world.

It has always been my goal to simply share ideas here and fascinating relationships have happened that wouldn't have grown in a hundred lifetimes otherwise.

Moving Forward

We live busy lives leaving virtually no time to think of what we want, how we want to live, or create a more enjoyable journey. This year I worked more on me than my work. I was clearing the rubble. The dust has cleared and it's time to get back to work. Excuses begone, the past has passed.

My career goals continue to be helping people enjoy their work and for teams and companies to do more business through strong leadership and culture. In common terms, the biggest issue with most companies is it sucks at work. The boss is an ass or that department isn't cooperating or a myriad other solvable issues that will improve the bottom line and help employees like their jobs again. That's what I enjoy helping.

Life Meets Life

As I look toward 2016, I am thrilled to be able to speak at a TEDx event, work with a local Chamber of Commerce on a cost of leadership workshop, continue working on my first book, reach out and create new friendships and client relationships, and cherish that you came by to visit.

I'm an email away and always happy to meet new people. So let's chat. Here's to a fantastic, adventurous, challenge overcoming, personal growth 2016 for you and me.

As a passionate leader, Kneale Mann has extensive experience as a business advisor and project manager in numerous industries and organizations including; human resources, corporate training, financial services, media, real estate, healthcare and more. He is always open to meeting leaders who want to improve their bottom line through strong culture and leadership.
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